The Project

The Project

The aircraft.


Cruise Speed: 185MPH

Payload: 500LBS

Endurance: 400NM

Powered by alternative energy fuel cells.


Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL)

Hydrogen Powered

Transition Vehicle

Semi Autonomous/Autonomous 

Our Mission,
is to enable a future of sustainable transportation through aviation.

This project funds our prototypes in a way that has never been done before; crowd sourced, public, and creative. Flying Free means keeping the technology accessible and affordable so that the ability to fly sustainably will one day be in your hands.

The jist.


The Idea:

At Wind Craft we have an un-abiding passion for making things fly, so it would only make sense that we want to launch an Aircraft in a way that has never been done before… Why spend millions when you can do it for thousands? Why work by ourselves when we can give you a voice? Why keep it secret when it will change the world? Our plan is to crowd fund our proof of concept, get planes in the air and media on the ground covering it. Next? Get sponsorships form large corporations and put their marketing dollars to good use at events around the globe.  The goal? The sooner we prove our technology the sooner it will become available to the people around the world who need it most… That means in 3 years we want to be in the air over nations with tough terrain and a lack of medical care, flying medicine, people and supplies in and out of remote villages.

How It Works:

Project Wind Craft is designed to be a mutual relationship between the project, American businesses and you. Instead of using millions of dollars of sponsorship money to do something arbitrary (like sponsor a race car) Wind Craft can give those brands orders of magnitude more exposure and accomplish something good in the process. If Aviation is going to be affordable and accessible it has to start that way.

Who Are We?

Wind Craft Aviation, the company behind the project has been designing and testing their prototype, Sally Jean, for over a year. Eventually this technology will go on to be deployed in developing nations to provide rescue services, aid, and medical care. Massive projects start small, and we choose to start here, with our community behind us.


Planned events.

Oshkosh 2019.

Come check out our full scale model/simulator at the Worlds  Largest Airshow.

Cross Country Tour. LA - NY

As the first public event, Sally Jean will flown at its’ home in Grand Rapids and then flown to Los Angeles to stage a cross country tour hitting all of the major cities between LA and New York. Paying homage the golden era of aviation.

Oshkosh 2020

On its’ way across the country Sally Jean will stop back by at Oshkosh 2020.

Expo 2020 in Dubai.

To conclude the tour Sally Jean will join the words’ finest at the World Fair in Dubai for the first electric airshow. 

What's next?

Fund Raising and sponsors.

If you're reading this and your company is listed below. We want to hear from you.

We need your help.

Wind Craft Aviation started locally and voluntarily, we need your help to continue to be a sustainable company. 

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100% of proceeds go towards furthering accessible aviation in developing nations.

If you own, operate or know of a company willing to partner with Project Wind Craft please email investor relations.